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The solution that suits your business

Increase your turnover with Alma. Teapots? Dental equipment? Hot-air balloon flights? No matter what you sell, you'll sell more of it with Alma.

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Set Alma up in a flash

If you use an e-commerce platform, integrate Alma with one of our modules.


Bespoke deployment

Install the API

Get a bespoke integration

Installation is quick: it takes a few days

Provide a seamless buying experience

With just a few fields to fill in and a simplified UX, your customers can complete their purchase in a flash thanks to Alma.

Provide a seamless buying experience

100% guaranteed payment

Your customers pay later, but you receive all the money instantly. Alma will deal with any non-payment.

For you it's like a conventional card payment; for your customers, it's (almost) like Christmas.

{100% guaranteed} payment

The highest approval rate on the market


More spending approved by Alma means more sales and customers for you.

Track your sales in real-time

Install Alma in under an hour and immediately start tracking sales in your account

All your data in the same place

Find everything you need in your account:

Real time sales

We're here to help

Our team is happy to answer your questions about installing and using Alma.

We're here to help

Brands we work with

Robin Ali

We knew that up to 20% of sales are paid for in installments on some websites, so we're keen to try Alma. We're delighted with the solution: it's easy to set up, there haven't been any technical problems and our conversion rate has improved. We give it full marks!

Robin AliCo-founder @Panda Tea

Georges Simon

Alma has accounted for a big share of our customer spend since we introduced it. We weren't expecting it to have such an impact: Alma has really boosted our business.

Georges SimonCEO @Jane de Boy

Stéphanie Crijns

We chose Alma for our payment in installments as it's so quick and intuitive for the end consumer. And the integration is easy for us as a business! Thanks to Alma, we've really seen our website conversion rate grow. We're looking forward to taking the partnership further, perhaps with new launches in other countries.

Stéphanie CrijnsE-commerce Specialist @Kitchenaid

Livio Tabbi

We have deployed Alma on our entire in-store network in record time. The solution is simple, intuitive and high-performance and the support from Alma to our in-store staff is outstanding.

Livio TabbiVP Global Retail @The Kooples

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