Convert your important baskets with AlmaOffer your customers up to 12 times more flexible payment.

Convert your important baskets with {Alma}

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Purchases that are up to 12 times more flexible

You convert your important baskets thanks to Alma supporting you from 3 to 12 installments.

Your customers make their dreams come true, from decorating a room, to getting dental treatment or Traveling to Japan.

For your customers, more flexibility means more dreams fulfilled.

For you, optimized conversion on your important baskets, online and in-store.

Purchases that are up to {12 times more flexible}

Omnichannel: online and in store

Let your customers pay in installments, whether you have an e-commerce site or a brick-and-mortar store. You'll increase conversions for higher basket values.

A seamless buying experience

Recap repayment schedule and information

100% guaranteed payment

Your customers pay in 10 or 12 installments, but you receive all the money instantly. Alma will recover any non-payment.

For you, it's like a conventional card payment. And for your customers, it's easy.

{ 100% guaranteed } payment

Your customers remain your customers

And they always will be! Alma never sells on or uses data collected. Promise.

Your customers remain {your customers}

Bringing finance back to commerce

Increase your sales, just like the 6000 brands already using Alma

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